Staten Island Smart Liposuction Plastic Surgery

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Staten Island Smart Liposuction Plastic Surgery

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Smart Liposuction
procedures are performed at all Allure Plastic Surgery Centers at our Staten Island office (and Manhattan & New Jersey). Smart Liposuction plastic surgery is typically performed because certain areas of the body will not respond to weight loss techniques such as exercise or diet. Smart Liposuction permanently and painlessly removes fat that is resistant to these efforts. Smart Liposuction plastic surgery results in a more pleasing shape and appearance.


Dr. Heller and Dr. Sewell have perfected their LIposcution technique by performing thousands of procedures for Staten Island area patients. Smart Liposuction plastic surgery is achieved by inserting a tiny cannula under the skin. Laser waves "melt" the fat which is then suctioned (liposuction) away. A firm garment is usually worn for two weeks after the procedure.

The most common areas that Staten Island patients request liposuction are the stomach, hips and thighs. The buttocks, knees, breast, chin, neck, are also frequently liposuctioned using these techniques. Some Staten Island patients are also interested in areas such as the calves and ankles or the back and arms which can be sculpted with our smart liposuciton technique. Most staten island patients are back to work in one or two days.


For more information about staten island liposuction plastic surgery and actual liposuction before and after results from actual staten island patients follow the links above. For a free no obligation liposuction consultation at our staten island office use this convenient on-line form.

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Watch the video above and hear Dr. Cuber talk about smart liposuction plastic surgery procedures and hear what actual patients have to say about their experience.
The before and after photographs in our videos are provided for medical education purposes, are to be viewed by consenting adults, and may not be suitable for children.

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