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New York Penis Enlargement Plastic Surgery

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Penis enlargement plastic surgery New York (Phalloplasty)

For the male patients that come to Allure Plastic Surgery New York, there are cases where some of those men are disappointed with the size of their penis. For these men, penis enlargement plastic surgery can increase the length or the width of the penis, as well as the correction of previous injury or perhaps a reduction of the scrotum. Dr. Elliot Heller and Dr. Nicholas Sewell have years of penis enlargement plastic surgery experience and can help these patients get great results, improving the self-confidence and appearance of the penis.

Penis Enlargement Plastic Surgery New York: Lengthening

One of the lesser known facts about the penis is that up to half of it remains hidden inside the body. In the penis enlargement plastic surgery to lengthen the penis, the procedure involves the detachment of the ligaments that hold the penis inside, thereby letting go of that portion. This typically results in a gain of 1 to 2 inches in the length of the penis while in its flaccid state. Dr. Heller will provide some post-op instructions to you that will be necessary to maintain the results of the procedure until the healing process has finished.

Penis Enlargement Plastic Surgery New York: Widening

There are many men in New York who have the penis enlargement plastic surgery to combine the lengthening procedure with widening also. The penis widening procedure can be performed by itself, or with other procedures, such as the enhancement of the scrotum or a penile revision for preior surgery correction. The penis widening procedure typically results in an increase of about 30% thickness for most men. It can be repeated again to add more thickness if the patient is still unhappy with the width. In some cases, the procedure is associated with undesirable side effects, such as a lumpy or uneven distribution of the materials. Dr. Heller has a specialized technique that he has developed that eliminate the risks of a botched surgery. It involves the use of Alloderm dermal-matrix grafts implanted beneath the penile skin instead of taking the implanted material from the patient's own body. The penis widening procedure is performed under general anesthesia, and like a penis lengthening procedure, Dr. Heller will give the patient some post-op instructions must be followed to get the best possible results.

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